Love for Eternity

Love for Eternity

My grandparents’ love was like theirs. Though she (my grandmother) was not a nurse and he (my grandfather) was not a clerk. She was Chinese and from a rich family. Many wanted to marry her and my grandfather was one of them. She didn’t knew him, but she followed her mother’s advice, to marry him because he has big hands—and hands like those work hard. So she married him and they had 11 children.

I don’t know when and how they felt deeply in love with each other. But I know that it was a love like no other. He got sick and was sent to the hospital. He was diagnosed with cancer too, and he stayed there for months. She stayed strong, enduring the nights she had to sleep without him by her side. She never cried.

When the day came that he breathed his last, we were sad; but we were quite relieved because we knew she was strong. She can handle it.

It was a Saturday morning. And she was just preparing to go to the hospital to visit the love of her life. But then when we went home, even without uttering a word, she knew—she knew that he was gone, long before she could lay her eyes on him. He could not wait, and I saw her cry for the first time. It was the first time I saw her so vulnerable. And I realized what love could do. Love could make someone strong, invincible.

It is said that people need three things to live happily: someone to love, something to do, and something to look forward to.

When he left, she lost everything. And so, three months later, four days before Christmas, they met again.

One is lucky when he/she finds his/her destiny in another’s presence. They’re very lucky indeed.


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