The Beginning

Essays have to be exciting yet sensible. The start has to be compelling, the ending has to leave you hanging, thinking about your ideals and beliefs. Essays have to be readable, understandable by everyone, even those who know nothing of what you’re talking about or what your essay’s theme is.

I guess the one I submitted to a competition last year was short of one or two, or even all of these qualities. I haven’t won.

But with the same courage that compelled me to submit my essay, even knowing that I stand no chance against the countless intellectuals out there who are more knowledgeable and comfortable in expressing their thoughts, I am posting my essays in this blog.

I know some may mock me or scrutinize my use of words, grammar and essays as a whole. I know. And I’m afraid. But this voice inside me that says there will be more people who will like you for what you write so don’t worry and do your thing is getting louder and louder, to the point where I can’t hear my fears anymore.

So I’ll take that first step.


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